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Top Five Nerf Collector.

hello and welcome to our air battle games channel


Timtrooooper and Marctrooper the boss

for a presentation of top-5 collector nerf.

let us introduce you to our

top 5 blasters, it turns out

that these are just nerf rival.

Why, collector blasters

because their boxes are beautiful,

and we really appreciate their packaging, why there is no

Fortnite ones ? Because the Fortnite ones

have never been packed

like that, every time we get little

goodies, we have little things that come with it

that's why we selected these blasters

like the collector ones because that

comes from a movie or video game

but they put the effort in packaging. The box

we’re going to show you,

is for you tim, number five

Top 5 is the Mc cree

so that one ! I’ll

say it right away the Overwatch

these are the worst; it depends on which one, no, but except

from the soldier 76 that we don't have yet,

this is the only rival that we don't have.

You can see the little video of

presentation of the Mc cree it's not a

six-hit blaster this is where i was

super disappointed it's a single shot one

we can put several balls in it,

it can shoot 2, 3 balls at once but

unfortunately there is no barrel

so that was stupid, however we

selected this one because it is well packaged

here we have an iron part, so this is

great quality we are not Overwatch

players, but here it is really a beautiful

product, for the people who are collectionning

blasters, yeah it's a blaster

to have here, so this is number 5.

The number 4, number four, is the D-VA

D-VA is the best Overwatch that we have to present which is very beautiful with

a little erm, a little keychain that can

hang on either the blaster or on the

thing, it has a good power,

well it's clearly like the kronos the

only issue is the number of balls,

2. I believe, no there are not two in the thing ... no there are three.

yes 3 of them ; however what is

disappointing, is that it’s a little bit, how can I say

for example we see that it has a small

green light,

they could have put a small battery

inside with a little green led like

for the Mc cree there are small blue

lights, that's where nerf didn't play

the game,

they could have added a little something

little bit of style, because it's like the same

blasters that they sell super expensive, because

that it's under license, etc.

so here it is but it's a beautiful blaster and

in addition to that he has kind of little blowback,

you can see the video there

a blowback these to say he has a little

recoil of the breech and that's rather

friendly. The Number 3, which is the ...

well I know, First Order

ah yes, the number 3 we don't have the box, we’re

sorry we have the box it is in our

storage we didn't take it but

we have the box! Anyways, cardboard is ..the most important is not cardboard!

No, these are not the most important but the box is

beautiful when you open it, if you want you can

see the video on that one blaster here,

there is a panorama .. well it's great

beautiful the packaging is very beautiful the blaster

is magnificent. You can load it

from the bottom, it's not that great, we

can put either 12 or 6 balls, so loading

on the side, like we said in the previous

video, we don't like it too much on the

side , but hey,

it's super beautiful, it's for the collection

it is beautiful it is beautiful here

do not scratch it is a beautiful, a

beautiful little gem then, number two, Mandalorian is yeah we stay in

the star wars universe.

The bobafett, don’t

drop the blaster .. here it is, here it is

part of the must have when we have a

collection and when we love star wars, we will

present, the Apollo nerve. Six darts, you’ll

see when we open it, so


we open it and it looks like that inside

It's just wonderful

the picture of bobafett is huge, in that

part… In the 4th ? or ? yes in the 4th one with

the picture, it matches when

they're going to throw luke skywalker and the .. into the…

it's not the fourth one my young skywalker,

no in the fifth, um .. yeah sorry sorry, sorry, and yes in the fifth and yes… he died in the most stupid way,

We don’t know if he’s dead! we didn't see him die

he goes in the… we saw him fall in the

belly of the thing but hey, he has

tools and a combination

armor ! He’s not dead to me

I tell myself that Bobafett

is not dead. So the whole blaster is

beautiful and there is a ecusson that we can sew,

too bad it’s not velcro

it would have been good; there's a helmet, a Nerf

rival, er .. painted in the colors of his helmet

that's how frankly number 2 it

well deserved

frankly it's very very beautiful

packaging, number one this is…

The Deadpool Kronos. It will shit in the


Have you seen this man?

I never say that, but do not swallow

What you want it is too beautiful, er it is super beautiful, so already,

we love Deadpool

that’s my favorite marvel

a we love the star wars universe but we also love

deadpool, it’s a great package

you will see it's beautiful there it has little drawing everywhere

like Deadpool actually.

with a little taco so here ..

it's completely delirious

there is a magnificent blaster finally two

beautiful blaster.

There's the taco in the middle it's the

documentation and the logos so this is very

well presented, er each blaster was painted

differently, so click here if you want to see the

full review on it, it's not the same

thing from the inscriptions on the other side

there is also a side of the traditional

rival, by the way we have to present it

not like what to do, these like that, so there is written bang bag bing and the other and written….

so look it's super nice so

these are two identical blasters but

different, so that's really cool

It's super beautiful

we are fans, we love it,

don't hesitate to watch it

all these videos, you can watch again

With a full review of each

blasters by the way, we're not going to detail them for you here ..

there are other blaster like that

That are not in the top, because

I find it complicated to reload, this one has it

is good but, ..we have so many Apollo we are full

full full so we have one there, one there, we have plenty.

We could make a special Apollo video

because we have so many different ones ...

So that's it, er ... they don't fit in

the top but it is not far away it would be

in the top 10 collector blasters

This is it my young trooper,

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, er ...

hope y’all are doing good! and see you

soon on a new video, ciao, ciao, ciao….

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